Janet (5 Jan 2011)
"Interesting Numbers"


The gematria value for the Hebrew, four letter name of God is 26. The value for the Hebrew word, Adam, is 45. The difference between 45 and 26 is 19 which is the Hebrew value for Eve26 squared plus 45 squared equals 2701; the gematria value of Genesis 1:1.  Of course, these word-number relationship are well-known and are often taught to demonstrate the excellence of the Scriptures and as a help in memorization.  

However, there are additional, interesting values that can be derived from these same three word-numbers;  45, 26 and 19, that are less well known ..  For example:

45 divided by 19 equals 2.36842105263158.  The first four digits are 2368, the gematria of Jesus Christ in Greek.

45 divided by 26 equals 1.73076923076924. The first four digits are 1730, the Strong's number(H) for Love or Beloved.

19 divided by 26 equals  .73076923076924. The first four digits are 7303, the Strong's number(H) for Spirit.

19 divided by 45 equals  .42222222222222

The difference between  these last two quotients is  .30854700854702. The first four digits are 3085, the Strong's number(G) for Redemption.

The difference between the middle two quotients is 1. If we add 1 to 45 we get 46.

46 is the number of human chromosomes and 46 is also the Greek gematria value for Adam

There is much more here but I hope that these few examples help show the wisdom, glory and precision of the Word.

Thank you for maintaining such a wonderful site. I hope I have not made any errors.