Isaac Jordan (5 Jan 2011)
"New Madrid and Gulf Methane Explosion will be linked"


I think that the birds falling from the sky in Arkansas is indicative of the New Madrid Fault going off soon.  I think that when the New Madrid goes off, it will pop the methane bubble in the Gulf.  One of the reasons Obama has banned drilling in the Gulf of Mexico is so that all the cracks in the sea floor can settle and close up.  It's sensitive.  New Madrid is overdue for going off.

Who knows, maybe the Rapture of the Philadelphia Church will set off the Italian Caldera, literally rip the US in half right up the Mississippi River, and set off punishing Indonesian Volcanoes where much Christian persecution has occurred.

All of that occurring simultaneously will give the antichrist plenty to rage against The Most High and The Philadelphia Church for.  This stuff has to happen before May 21, 2011, just because The House of Congress is going to seriously mess with Obama with investigations, attempting to repeal Obamacare, and possibly exposing the birth certificate thing.  If the Rapture of the Philadelphia Church happens in the midst of these efforts, the political support base needed to continue these campaigns will evaporate.

Hello New World Order.  Pray for your unsaved relatives.  My sister just moved to San Francisco and hates The Lord with a passion as she does her two hours a day of yoga.  Only the Tribulation Period has a chance to truly get her attention.  Time is almost up, folks.