Horse Girl (22 Jan 2011)
"To Laurie re; Questions"

Hi Laurie,
Forgive me as your questions were directed to Kevin and not me, however I thought this might lead you in the right direction:
For the many questions regarding the constellations, end times and the rapture, I highly recommend reading and downloading the teachings of Perry Stone (the ministry is "Voice of Evangelism").  He is a man of integrity, extremely gifted in the prophetic and Hebraic studies and has many resources that I think would help you.
His web address is:
*For an in depth study of the rapture I would suggest purchasing 'The Rapture Revelation" package if possible.  Also, the CD or DVD series from the Louisville (July 2010) Conference (the Book of Revelation from a Hebraic perspective) would in fact answer most of your questions.
God Loves You,
~Horse Girl