Homesick (18 Jan 2011)
"Two More Dreams"

   1.  A dream from a few months ago

I was in an airplane, 747-style, and looked out my window to see a city with fires breaking out everywhere and constant explosions.  It was a city my mind invented for the dream, but was understood to be Denver, CO if I remember correctly.  At that point the plane started to descend.  It wasn’t crashing, but the feeling I got was that it was an unexpected, emergency landing and I was very fearful.


   2. A dream from last night

I was in a place, like a hospital, but was being kept there against my will with a small group of others in the same situation.  It isn’t clear why we were there, but we weren’t sick and it was clear that those keeping us there were evil.  I and the others with me each had some sort of weapon, like a gun, but different, and we had the ability to use them, but whenever we took them out and held them, they would vibrate and alarms would go off in the building and security personnel would find us.  So they were essentially useless.  We were trying to escape from this place and kept getting caught.  When we finally did get out, we were suddenly in some kind of an underground volcano or cavern or something where there was a deep trench with a river of lava at the bottom.  Leading away from the trench was a steep incline with thousands of people standing or sitting, so that it resembled a sort of amphitheater.  Some people from the non-hospital caught up with me and were trying to throw me into the river, but, in defense, I threw them in.  Then a bunch of the people on the hill decided to jump into the river.  I was shocked and didn’t understand why they would do that since they were obviously killing themselves.  One of my long-time friends was there and he was about to jump in as well, but I stopped him from doing so.  That’s when I realized that all those people were in some sort of trance and not completely in control of themselves.  I got to the very top of the incline, up to the “ceiling” of the cavernous space, where there were other people I know and we looked down at everyone still jumping over the cliff.  We knew that we were safe and that there was nothing we could do to help the others.