Gwendolyn Casey (6 Jan 2011)
"My Dream"

Blessing be unto everyone at fivedoves. I had a dream last night I wanted to share and tell you of a dream I had a week ago. The dream I had last week was about the rapture and I did not get taken. Well that had me bummed out all week. I prayed to God and told him with my whole heart is I love Him and I did not want to be left behind. I want to go when Jesus come from His bride.  I was speaking to my friend and she told me Gwen, don't let the enemy lie to you like that. Well, last night I had a dream and it was like night time. Up in the sky was a bright light. It was brighter then the moon. As it approached it was getting brighter and bigger. Then it started to spread out. I notice that it was seperating into several areas. They were angels. I was so excited because I knew I was going with them. One angel picked me up and said that he has come to take me home. His name was Adrian. I told him that I was pleased to meet him and I could not wait to see Jesus. That is when I awoke. I would appreciate your comments on this dream. I have a great love and respect for my brothers and sisters at five doves. You are a great bunch of people who love God, love people and shine the light of Jesus on everyone. May God bless you all.
Gwendolyn Casey
Conroe, Texas