Gordon Smith (22 Jan 2011)
"Re Joseph criting Katy on her birthday/111 post!"

Dear Joseph
If you have followed Doves for the past few years then you would have
not made any critism here. Since 2009 several writers on Doves have been
seeing the numbers 111 or 11 including other numbers such as 77 / 7 very
often believing that the Lord Jesus has been trying to show us something
is imminent. The fact is that not many people would have stumbled on
this, including yourself.
Thanks Katy for your interesting post.
Gordon Smith
Joseph (21 Jan 2011)
"Re: Katy and your birthday/111 post"


    Katy,  all what everyone is doing by adding their birth year and
age this year, is the number of years since the year 1900.  Of course,
it's going to add up to 111.  Next year it will add up to 112, etc.
There is nothing spooky, weird, or supernatural, just basic math.