Gilda (14 Jan 2011)
"To:  M.A.P.  -  Re:  Revival"


To:   M.A.P.   -   Re:   Revival
Yes, we are watching the Great Awakening Revival nightly.  It is awesome.   We watch by the internet.   Once the television station stops airing,  if you stay online,  the internet streaming will pick up the broadcast - it may take a little while but it will come back on.   That's when the action really happens.
My husband and I were involved in a Rodney-Howard-Browne Revival at our church.   The Holy Ghost really moved in healings, joy, deliverance and salvation.  The Holy Ghost controls the service.   Our lives and walk with the Lord were totally transformed dramatically.   It's been years now and we have never been the same since we experienced God's Touch and Joy.   It gave us a lasting hunger for more of God.   Rodney-Howard-Browne is burdened for souls.  
   Another ongoing Revival is at Bay of the Holy Spirit in Mobile, Alabama.    We also watch this one and it too is awesome!
We keep asking Jesus to fill us up with His Holy Spirit and to saturate our church, our city, America and the world.