Gail (31 Jan 2011)
"This week will be cataclysmic for the U.S. and Israel"

Watching the headlines,  Major Change is coming. 
There has already been mention of the February new moon on 3/4 being significant in relation to visions posted  (one included a huge explosion to shake U.S.).
The headlines are dire :

1) Stocks Plunge


2) Muslim Extremists



3) Huge Jordanian Generators Sighted on Temple Mount (1/25/11)


According to an urgent Temple Heritage Fund e-mail message, generators of this size are capable of supplying electricity to tens of thousands of homes. The Fund quoted municipality sources as surmising that the generators might be intended for use in the event that Muslims want to remain up on the Temple Mount for a long period of time.




4)  Palestinian UN resolution aims to put heat on US (1/30/11)



The resolution, now before the council's 15 members  and waiting for Arab foreign ministers to set the date to press for a vote,  condemns Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.



A US veto now would cause problems all around. The United States is part of the diplomatic Quartet -- with the United Nations, European Union and Russia -- which has set September as a deadline for a framework accord on a Palestinian state.


Western diplomats hope that the Arab states will wait until after a Quartet meeting -- with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Clinton -- in  Munich on February 5  before calling a vote. That meeting could produce some ideas to reassure the Palestinians.





The Mideast is being galvanized by radical young (and militant) Islamists who are against Israel and the U.S.


A huge vacuum is being created for a dictator/orator  (versed in Islam) to bring stability to the region. (my point)





5) IDF: Terrorists May Try to Take Advantage of Unrest (1/30/11)


6) Muslim Brotherhood rejects new government appointments
"It's an attempt to call off the revolution." (AFP 1/30/11)

7) Cyclones to hit flood-weary Australia(1/30/11)






8) The Weather Channel(1/30/11) :

100 Million (in U.S.) Potentially Impacted by Next Storm


They're calling for 27 U.S.. cities to feel major impact.  Snow, Ice, Sleet, Powerful Winds, Power Outages. 

All of it arrives prior to the New Moon on February 3/4.







And the SpaceWeather forecast is not comforting.



9) A solar wind stream flowing from the indicated coronal hole should reach Earth on or about Feb. 3rd





A little research points to this:


Quick Start to 2011’s Strong Earthquakes

Thursday, January 13th, 2011



Surface damage isn’t the only side effect of tectonic shifting.  Unfortunately, the dangers of coal mining may be linked in many cases to gasses released in conjunction with earthquake activity.  For instance, the West Virginia mine tragedy in early April of this year was directly preceded by an earthquake centered just under the mine.  Earthquakes are a rare event in West Virginia; the correlation between the quake and the subsequent methane explosion cannot be ignored.



Most recently, the deadly Amaga, Colombia coal mine explosion occurred within 24 hours of the Indonesian and Alaska quakes.  Although no earthquake was registered in the immediate vicinity of the mine at the time, toxic gasses exploded in a giant fireball just before midnight local time on the 16th, trapping and killing an estimated 72 workers.  The accumulation of gas may have been related to slight shifting of the planet’s crust in the northwestern part of Colombia, a seismically-active region in the Ring of Fire.


According to solar physicist David Hathaway of the Marshall Space Flight Center: “When a gust of solar wind hits Earth’s magnetic field, the impact causes the magnetic field to shake (italics mine).  If it shakes hard enough, we call it a geomagnetic storm.”  Power outages and compass anomalies are associated with strong geomagnetic storms - and auroras, while beautiful to see, are indicators of potentially hazardous ionisation in the atmosphere related to solar wind.



Take a look at the coronal hole spaceweather speaks of, it's a big donut hole shape.

It could well be the correlation spoken of in the vision for the moon being "in the top of it's phase" and a huge explosion for the U.S.



I still believe that the UN Security Council will be the trigger, when they call for "Peace And Safety".
God Bless,