Frank R Molver (22 Jan 2011)
"the problem with the tribulation now and ufo web site"

There were some very interesting things shared from this site but as I skimmed thru it I found some disturbing things.
Here goes.

God has a smorgasborg of life forms all throughout the galaxies. Our minds are too tiny to understand this because we are self centered beings (no surprise there). Our arrogance is so enormous it shatters the minds of the humble.

There are other "earth like planets" all over the place. There are all kinds of fascinating life forms. (Just like in Star Trek).  It's George Lucas at his finest. That's not science fiction, that's science FACT. With out tiny arrogant minds, we ASSUME that we are "IT" while at he same time we hear stories of UFOs all over the place. We hear testimony of more than 58 different species of "aliens" the Military has documented from highly reputable sources. And we ALWAYS assume they must all be DEMONS because thats the easy way to explain it. I am guilty of this myself.  But that is "not necessarily" the case. The Universe is far to large. And GOD is far too fabulous. So how do you explain all this? Once you know the secret, its actually AMAZING.

Let's start by examining the REAL interpretation of Genesis One verse One

"From aforetime, manifold ehlohim, had (past tense) created the expanse and its matter"

Manifold means "of many different kinds". Elohim is plural and means "minor gods". From aforetime means "before the Heavens and the Earth, as we know it today even existed. WOW.  There are millions of years (minimum) that occurred between the first two verses of Genesis (see the article entiteld "You Can't Handle the Truth")

God does not always create things directly. He has an entire trillion entity "workforce" that "seeds" the Universe with the power that HE gives them (search "seed" in Isaiah). This is precisely what the Baptism of Fire was. It was an endowment of power given to us to DO STUFF for God and not have to come to him for every little thing. This is how God operates. He "vests" power into his beings (sons) to work on behalf of the Godhead.

And the Heavenly beings (those that work for God directly), are known as Sons of God (or angels), and they have assignments. The Cherubim are the "Job Foremen". They are the "Covering Angels". The Seraphim are mostly assigned back office duties, book keeping, record keeping but get assigned other duties as well.

AND THEN there are the Ophannim.

The Ophannim are specialized "creator elohim" that are given "seeding powers" to create life forms all over the Universe. They travel in organized groups with missions. The Ophannim came to earth to "seed it" millions of years ago. LONG before Adam was created. But Lucifer, a covering Cherubim got into a position called the Morning Star (office, or group) and started to stick his nose into stuff that he had no business doing.

This resulted in a corruption of the "seeding" activities on a grand scale (think dinosaurs). The Ophannim, at the back office located in Arcturus, got wind that things were running a muck in the earth seeding project, and it started the ORION WARS.

The Orion Wars were actually Ophannim fighting Ophannim (ref. to Daniel fighting the Prince of Persia). Lucifer was heavily involved with the earth seeding Ophannim.

GOD GOT ANGRY. He was extremely upset that this war started. Michael the Arc Angel and his troops were sent out to put a stop to the War (see Rev 12:7). The War Ended.

The Seven Spirits of Revelation (which is reportedly the Supreme Court of the Universe), handed down the judgement. The Judgement was that the Ophannim elohim that started the war (the earth seeders), had to "enter the flesh" of the humans they were creating and live a life as a TEST to see if they were worthy to be ressurrected into the Heavens to "rule and reign" again with Jesus and go back to their pior positions.

This is WHY JESUS came down in the Flesh. It was a DNA Salvage and Rescue Mission. He WANTS his "elite team" of Ophannim BACK!! And he knows that Lucifer and his alien-demons are messing with our DNA, infecting us with Demons, and doing everything they can, to kill off the Ophannim that were willing to come back to God by "accepting the judgement" and taking on human form in the flesh.


The Ophannim that refused the judgement are aliens / demons / fallen angels. And yes they are working with Lucifer just as the Bible says.

We ARE Sons of God. Sons of God are all Gods' Heavenly Front Office workers. Sons of God are everyone that works on behalf of the Almight Most High. Or, if you wish, you may call them Angels. Its another generic term used.

We are good Sons of God, that Jesus Knew before the foundation of the World. (predestination)