Frank R Molver (18 Jan 2011)
"re the 2 Oboma's prophetic visions"
This is a very interesting video that speaks about an alien inside of Obama
Recently 2 different people here share dreams of seeing 2 different Obama's, one nice and one violent.
So there can be demons or aliens in people.
I myself went through some deliverance several years ago
One of the clues God gave me that I needed deliverance was a short dream of me driving a car.
In the back seat behind me one an exact replica of me only extremely angry
The thought than came to me, who is really  driving the car?
I realized then that this was the source of my fits of rage that would occasionally pop up and also colored my relationships with the world
So I can easily see that Obama does have another inside him waiting to manifest at the right time
That would seem to have to happen after a certain event and would also require the appearance of the anti pope