Fay (8 Jan 2011)

Dear John and Doves,
I had some time off and was researching for information on angel sightings during the six day war in 1967. I came across awesome, documented stories from Israeli's and Arabs alike. If you do a Google search, you will enter an astonishing world where the LORD made Himself manifest during each crisis involving Israel. So incredibly uplifting. My soul is positively singing. We all need this spiritual food in these times of waiting, waiting, waiting for our LORD Jesus. It's easy to become dejected and uncertain of His promise to us. We're only human.
This link takes you to a wonderful account and timeline which rang so many bells for me. We were all absolutely right to expect the Rapture in 2010. The only thing we have got wrong is the timing of the Rapture. The rest of the year(s) countdown to the End of Days is spot on.  Read and be encouraged. Soon, Doves. Soon.
God Bless you all
In Jesus' Beloved Name