Fay (6 Jan 2011)
"Mary Anna & Doves"

Dear Mary Anna, John and Doves,
Mary Anna - I'm so glad you feel that the Heron is an angel from God. You have opened my eyes to that wonderful possibility. It's very easy to get into a mind-set where one starts to think one is going a bit nuts - or slightly obsessive. It's a fine line. We, as Bible believing Christians, open ourselves up to the world of the esoteric. It's a world where the physics just don't match up to our current reality. They are the physics of the LORD - the Creator. It takes a large amount of courage (God Given) to venture into these mystical realms. I firmly believe that our Father God has authored the information we receive, in such a way as to ensure we CHOOSE to believe by faith - rather than a set, proven formulae. He has authored it so that we are driven to keep searching and searching and searching. Without this uncertainty, websites like Fivedoves would be superfluous. Christians would be safe in their secure knowledge and, consequently (human nature) become complacent. We simply have to be kept on our toes. This has been engineered out of love - not spite. I also believe that the LORD has to keep it fair. 'Free will' simply must mean 'free will'. It's no good being told that 1 + 1 = 2 and not understanding the concept. We'd NEVER delve further if we had all knowledge spoon fed to us. I always go back to the Book of Job. One of THE most important books of the Bible regarding faith. Job was stricken with all the awfulness that life can throw at us but his faith was totally ingrained. The only thing that Job questioned was why God was allowing these afflictions. Job's faith never, ever faltered. This is what our LORD desires. Job never had the honour of living in the days when our LORD Jesus walked the earth. He had other honours. We don't have the honour of living in the days that the LORD Jesus walked, but we have other honours. Our astonishing honour is the total privilege of seeing Bible prophecy unfolding before our very eyes. We are so very, very blessed.
I was not familiar with the ' PK' title of "Preacher's Kid", Mary Anna. Children can be so cruel - however, I have to tell you, they were probably as jealous as heck. How blessed you were, girl!! Your Grandmother sounds wonderful. God rest her soul. My beloved Mum, who passed in 1989, at an unbearably young age (66), was a 'closet' Christian. She wasn't ashamed of her faith but she certainly wasn't voluble. My Mum was a lot older when she gave birth to me. She was exceptionally beautiful and started training as an ambulance driver,in London, towards the end of the 2nd World War. She married and headed off to Africa - as one did in those days!!! As her marriage went awry, she turned to her trusty King James Bible. A beautiful, leather bound book that was already ancient! She also subscribed to a monthly leaflet called The Path of Truth. I remember, in the anxiety and tension of those fraught days, as a 3 year old, finding those leaflets and instantly recognising our Saviour. It's totally written into our DNA! Isn't that comforting? Our names were written in the Book of Life from Creation. We just have a tough time really believing it!! Or understanding it. But, what really hit home, was the fact that the LORD ensured I had the food to plant the seed of my faith.
I want to leave you with a story about Angels, Mary Anna. As you are in America, you will not know the celebrity speaking in this particular clip. He's a very trendy chap who normally hosts music shows to the teens, here in UK. I bubbled over with joy when I saw this. 'Ha', (I thought) this'll show you all.......!! Forgive me if I've posted this clip before - it's just mind-boggling if you know the personality. You couldn't get more secular if you tried!
May God Bless you all
In Jesus Beloved Name