Fay (4 Jan 2011)
"To Myra Lewis and Doves"

Dear Myra - John and Doves,
Myra - thank you for your lovely words. I'm greatly encouraged by the fellowship and love on Fivedoves. I thank the LORD every day that I found you all.
I wasn't going to mention the Heron again but, with Myra bringing it up, I feel that the LORD is encouraging me to. I have seen the Heron another 3 times. I wish I could explain properly, just how bizarre these visits are. I am always in the process of reading Fivedoves or writing to Fivedoves or praying in response to prayer requests on Fivedoves, when the Heron arrives for a visit. He has become rather brazen, swooping down off the garage roof and strutting towards my office window. I am aware that 2010 has passed without the longed for Rapture but am greatly encouraged by the fact that we are still in the same year of 5771 and will be until September 2011.
It's been very interesting reading about JR Church' theory on the Psalms - correlating to years etc. I have noticed that the very same can be said of Revelations. I started off with Revelation 10, where John is given the little book and told to eat it. The angel saying "No more delay" etc. The 'little book' is obviously a mystery that John was not allowed to reveal yet. If we equate the information in the 'little book' to the Rapture, it makes sense. It was sweet to the tongue (wonderful, sweet news of rescuing and salvation?) but caused a sourness in John's stomach (because the nation of Israel cannot be beneficiaries yet and are to endure terrible tribulation?) I relate Rev:10 to 2010. Do the same and read each chapter relating to years. Rev:11 representing 2011 etc. It's really rather mind-boggling. If the Rapture happens early in 2011, then the appearance and ministry of the two witnesses in Rev:11 makes perfect sense. Everything unravels from there. Please do read them with the same eyes and let me know what you all think. It's a wonderful unveiling.
Has anyone got a take on the weird death of the blackbirds in Beebe? There just has to be some significance. All those dead drum fish as well. The recent floods in Australia badly affected a small town called Rockhampton. I haven't time to find the article for you but a Google search should find it. Rockhampton had to be completely evacuated - a population of 77,000! There were a lot of significant numbers involving the evacuation. I wish I had the hours and insight needed, to investigate.
Finally, a word to John Tng. Thank you John - for all that you do. I feel quite sure that you have words for us as the LORD has me thinking of your name rather a lot. No pressure : )
God Bless you all
In Jesus' Beloved Name
Thanks, Fay!