Fay (27 Jan 2011)
"A Miracle"

Hi John and Doves,
Our Father God sent me a miracle today. It's the 2nd miracle (besides the birth of my children) He has bestowed upon me, during my life. Praise His Holy Name.
I have been struggling to launch my own business for quite some time now. The product has been fully developed at quite an expense. My investor, in the business, is a very dear friend of mine. Although he's a lot older than I am (in his mid 70's) we are very close friends. He has been a source of great strength (and financial help) whilst we have been trying to set ourselves up in the UK. He has my utmost respect and loyalty. However, I have been fretting, losing sleep - worrying myself sick over my inability to launch the business properly. Getting in to see a major buyer has proved almost impossible. I'm not fretting for myself. I am worried that I will not make good on my friend's investment. I just want to be able to return the investment. Most of it has gone on product development.
As I was reading the posts on Five Doves today, I was also thinking about the Rapture and how worried I am that I shall never be able to repay my dear friend if the Rapture happens beforehand. How awful that our blessed hope of the Rapture, is tainted with my incessant worrying!! It did cross my mind that I hoped the LORD would remove this worry. Then I felt guilty, as others have so much more to worry about. With that - the phone rang. Not only was it a major buyer, calling from London, but he had the wrong number. We launched into a confusing conversation - he, thinking that he was talking to an entirely different company and me thinking that he was a "friend" playing a prank on me. Finally, I asked him if he was South African (tick) and he recognised my Zimbabwean accent. He asked me about my products and became very animated when I told him what they were. Not only does he want me to zoot into London with samples as soon as possible, he also wants to be able to help with some valuable development advice. The weird thing is - I know his franchise. Very well known, and I have driven passed one of his major outlets, many times, on my way out of London. I don't ordinarily bring the LORD into my business conversations but, on this occasion, I blurted out, "God engineered this phone call". With which he told me that I had to be right. He and all his staff are all born again Christians. Not only that - he couldn't think of how he got my phone number. It turns out, his assistant was meant to get him the number of a different company (using the Internet) and had misheard him. The assistant had come across our website and passed our number on. If that's not our Beloved LORD'S magnificent hand, then I'll eat my hat! The whole thing was way too tidy for chance. If you don't get goose bumps from this, it's because I haven't told it properly. The LORD is not blind to our worries. He doesn't think they're too small and petty. He's just waiting for us to ASK.
Please could I ask that the Doves pray for my investor, Ron, to come to the LORD. He's not a well man and he's just the kindest, most generous person. I would hate for him to be left behind. I have sent him information but he's not been that interested. I would love for you all to meet him at the wedding banquet.
Praise our Father God Almighty
In Jesus' Beloved Name