Fay (24 Jan 2011)
"To Reva"

Hi Reva and all Doves,
Thank you for reminding us of the Christian statement of faith. You know, I never really dwell on the tribulation or imagine all the horrors that are going to unfold. Too nightmarish. However, it is pretty obvious, from scripture, that people are going to be frightened out of their wits. Absolutely terrified. They'll be desperate for information. I imagine that the Bible will go out of print and will not be available in the shops at all. It is my absolute conviction that these posts and articles on the Five Doves website are going to be of paramount importance to folks going through the tribulation. The LORD gave us the Internet for very good reason. Not only that - I also believe that these websites and discussion groups will be studied, by new believers, in the future.
As a Christian website, it is of paramount importance that the truth of the Christian faith is spelled out, loud and clear. There is going to be such an abundance of lies during the tribulation. People will be deceived - left, right and centre. They won't have much idea about the scriptures and will believe anything that's going to make life just a little bit easier. They will not realise just how dangerous this will be. The 144,000 will have a lot on their plates and - perhaps - websites like Five Doves will help in some way. The words in your post will be read with great urgency in the nightmarish future. I think it's kind of important to paste the link to the letters we're referring to. It will make life so much easier and quicker for these future searchers of the truth. So here's yours!