Fay (24 Jan 2011)
"Re 2 Kings 6:17"

Hi John and Doves,
Thank you so very much Michael C, David Blackman and Dennis R, for taking the trouble to find this wonderful scripture for me. I was quite overwhelmed and touched by the response I received.
 Philip - thank you for the e-sword tip. I haven't downloaded it as yet but will do so today. My Internet connection is rather slow - the price one pays for living deep in the English Cotswolds! I don't know how e-sword is going to right this for me but can't wait to give it a go. Thank you.
Gary Newman - although Dan 12:1 was not the exact scripture I was looking for, it was wonderfully applicable to the subject. A confirmation of the fact that Almighty God IS protecting us from evil. That there IS an army of angels - invisible to our eyes. For now! How exciting that we shall soon be able to "see" them. I can't wait!!
I can't find the words to let you all know just how your response has moved me. The fellowship on Five Doves is, quite frankly, marvelous.