Fay (22 Jan 2011)
"Kevin Heckle and Suzi"

Hi John and Doves,
Suzi - it's clear that these ads are something that you're used to. Made under the banner of pending "natural disasters". However, this ad IS creepy and, coupled with the MRE fiasco and the article we both read about the government buying up everything - it does make one feel anxious. Thank the LORD we have His protection and love. It's dreadful when people feel their government is up to something dodgy. This is NOT why they were voted in - making their own citizens feel afraid and insecure. It's the stuff of nightmares - a third world horror.
Kevin, thank you for a well written post. There seems to be a distinct lack of Bible knowledge that abounds regarding Glenn Beck. There is only ONE way to salvation. Our LORD and Saviour, Jesus Christ. We cannot add to that or take away from that. Being a 'good' person who says and does all the right things - including using our LORDS Name for their own purposes, is just not going to cut it. Jesus is THE ONLY WAY. The Bible tells us what is scriptural and that's what we must adhere to. Relying on the Book of Mormon or any other literature that claims to supersede the Bible is blasphemy. The Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons are deceived into thinking salvation and 'rewards' are a result of their works. The Bible tells us the exact opposite! Any man made cult is to be viewed with suspicion and distaste. These cults are very wily indeed. They have huge armies of unpaid slaves that they've coerced into believing that they're 'working for their salvation'. Meanwhile, their elders or leaders are raking in the cash by the barrow load. You are so right - Glenn Beck has an agenda. A political agenda. He's much cleverer than most political leaders today because he appeals to the religious. If you can win a man/woman's soul - you have won. Whoever Beck supports for the office of POTUS has an astonishingly good chance. Glenn Beck is NOT a Christian and he is NOT pushing Christianity. No practicing, believing Mormon is a Christian. Not one. This should be clear to anyone who is Bible literate.