Fay (21 Jan 2011)
"Concern for Israel"

Hi John and Doves,
It's becoming more and more apparent that Israel is facing a deluge of enemies. Obama has virtually abandoned her - as have the EU, UN etc. This declaration of a Palestinian state, with East Jerusalem as it's capitol, is fast gaining support and momentum. Bible prophecy is unfolding before our astonished eyes. Who knew just how quickly this would all start happening? Our Father God IS in control though. Sometimes, it's hard to see just how He is going to protect His beloved Israel. We are gently told not to be anxious though. This can be difficult in this current reality. I need some help finding a scripture where someone prays for another person's eyes to be opened in order to "see" the multitude of angelic warriors that were fighting on Israel's side. I know it's an Old Testament scripture and it's probably in Exodus. I've tried Bible Gateway but I don't have enough key words. Please would some knowledgeable person help me out here?
In the meantime, I have a truly wonderful testimony (link below) that demonstrates how the LORD has used these same methods in modern day Israel. We should be in total awe. My simple mind is totally blown away. It is completely consistent with the Bible and how the LORD has protected Israel in the past.
Praise His Holy Name.