Fay (21 Jan 2011)
"Mercer and Gail re America and Obama"

Hi John and Doves,
Gail, you posted on Obama's health. He does look very ill indeed. Suzi posted, awhile back, that he has a strange colour around his lips. I can see him deteriorating before my very eyes. If you have ever watched a documentary called Death Masks, you will note how evil savages a human. From the "live" masks taken from these famous leaders, to the death masks, there is visible deterioration. A human cannot consort with evil and expect to be physically healthy. If our souls/spirits are doing deals with evil, the physical signs are abundantly evident.
Mercer, your post re China owning America, economically, is depressing enough in itself. An absolute crime against the American people. It's infuriating. What's even more depressing and anger making is the sheer hypocrisy. How dare our leaders make nice with these criminals? They have enslaved and mistreated their people since time immemorial. When they hosted the Olympics, it was another "nod of approval" to their despotic government - a nod from the whole 'civilised' world. Truly, as the Bible says - right will become wrong and wrong will become right, in the end times. There is no human being strong enough, righteous enough, to stand up for and protect the victims of the world. "Enslavement" is fast becoming the norm. This is akin to laying out the red carpet for Hitler. There's very little difference. I fully expect the Almighty God to show tremendous anger and disapproval over this farce. Brace yourselves for some major fall-out as a result of this poisonous "alliance".
America used to be "the restrainer" in the world. True democracy ruled and rogue nations knew better than to mess with America. Obama, in all his "wisdom" has thrown all the rules out of the window - he bows and scrapes to the most extraordinary people and is rude to, and shuns America's old, traditional allies. He is a very evil man and it is my gut instinct that John Tng has been right about him all along.
May God Bless us all
In Jesus' Name