Fay (20 Jan 2011)
"Suzi Re Commercial"

John, Suzi and Doves,
Here in UK, we have a local council who are answerable to the public. If the river bank hasn't been tidied up by a certain time, I call and they have to give me a credible answer. We also have people called Ombudsmen. Okay, Ombudsmen are more for legal matters but we have a large amount of government related "go to" people if we have concerns. We also have an incredibly free and fair press. Sure, some papers are left leaning, some right, some in the middle etc. It's a given that we, the tax paying public, are allowed our say. There must be some way, or someone you can go to regarding this stuff. I also read that article re the freeze dried food being bought up by the US government. It's not only strange - it's downright sinister. If this info is out in public arena, the government has to give an explanation. I know it sounds naive to you, but here, it would be expected. Your government are preparing for something - either war (further war I should say - they're already at war and haven't previously bought up all the freeze dried food) or some other disaster. If it's a natural disaster that they've been pre warned about by the scientists, then the public have every right to know. Seriously folks, it appears that your government treats you with more than a bit of contempt and takes you all for granted. If we had an issue with David Cameron's birth certificate or something similar - he would be out on his tushie. He would be absolutely SHREDDED by the opposition in parliament. I know it's hard work, but you could set up a petition, demanding answers - both from the MRE companies AND the government! It's just not good enough.