Fay (18 Jan 2011)
"To Suzi"

Hi John, Suzi and Doves,
Not being American or being exposed to your norms, I have to say that this REALLY confuses and frightens me. Suzi's clip from 17th Jan: -  http://www.ready.gov/America/about/_flash/wud60.HTML
What is it that you're all supposed to be getting ready for? What 'kit' are they talking about? This sure looks like a bona fide US government website. If they're warning you about something - then that something is likely to be a real and soon to be present, danger. What danger is it? I'm seriously confused. If the UK government were dishing out 'warnings' like that, I'd be incredibly disturbed. I noticed that the Fema website was posted on the bottom of the ad. I've heard about these suspicious looking 'detention centres' that have a lot of Americans worried. What are those camps for - what is the 'official' explanation? I know you were probably referring to the creepy way this ad was directed and composed (or to the ad itself. I hope so) I can promise you ONE thing, fellow Doves - if that ad was being aired in UK, from our official government website, I would be packing my bags and getting the hell out of Dodge. That ad is the creepiest thing I've ever seen a government in the 1st world, give out to their people. Blatant warning of something sinister to come. Please will someone educate me on this.
God Bless you all
In Jesus' Beloved Name