Fay (15 Jan 2011)
"Leigh - A cry from Brisbane"

Dear John, Leigh and Doves,
Dearest Leigh - you poor thing. I understand how fearful you are. Bless you, girl. Please God - you and yours are safe and sound. It sounds trite - but......the rest is just 'stuff'. It's taken years and years, but I finally get IT. If you are at one with the LORD and Saviour - you are SO going to be alright. You have been put through the mill, but you have the ultimate comfort of knowing - REALLY knowing - that the LORD is control. Trust in Him Leigh - take comfort that the Doves are praying for you.
We escaped the cruelty of Mugabe in Zimbabwe - only to flooded out, in our home in UK!!!! I had such a fall-out with the LORD over that. I had a 'stern' word with the LORD - demanding to know why. I accused Him of not being 'fair' etc. Not to be repeated!! *shudder* (as Suzi would say).  I received a massive reprimand and had to go through all sorts of trials to be taught the lesson. You do NOT want to fall out with the LORD. He made it so obvious to me, through everything that I needed (materially) to function. The car did a 'wheels up', my relationships with my beloved family went a bit awry - we suffered power cuts and all sorts of abnormal things relevant to the 1st world. I was reprimanded in every single way possible. I was suitably chastised and put well in my place. 'Humbled' is the word I'm looking for. Out of the whole, nasty debacle, the LORD made sure that we came out on top. Once I got down on my knees, BEGGED for forgiveness - life took off. I'm not implying that you are in danger of falling out with the LORD. Absolutely not. I want to buffer your faith - because He WILL see you right. It may take a bit of time but your faith will ensure that you will come out of this whole heartbreaking mess, on top.  Please know that the Doves are all praying for you.
God Bless you all
In Jesus' Beloved Name