Fay (15 Jan 2011)
"Mercer re Information"


Hi John, Mercer and Doves,
I don't know how you come across your information, Mercer, but...........goodness!! It's good information that shows us just how close to implosion this world is. Warped, divided and riddled with evil. I've often wondered why Israel is so picked upon. I (of course) know, that, as the Chosen Race, living in the Holy Land, that much is expected from them. Being of Jewish descent myself, I couldn't figure out just why the LORD allowed His people to be so vilified, attacked and hounded - day in, day out, year after year, century after century. Let's face it - we, who live in other countries, of other races, tribes and religions, have had our fair share of strife. Nothing like the Israeli's though. We've been equally as (if not more so) unfaithful to the LORD yet we've lived in comparative peace (past tense, I might add) The Bible explains it very clearly. However, it's always been hard to understand. One can't help but feel that Israel is like the poor handicapped child in the playground - being picked on by merciless, cruel, ugly bullies. On top of your information regarding Israel's complicity in 9/11, I have also discovered other covert stuff that Israel has been complicit in. It's not pretty. We have to bear in mind that - just as in America, UK and, literally, all over the world - the ordinary man/woman in the street is pretty clueless as to what their so-called "leaders" are really up to. We are all in the same boat - ignorance wise. The Israeli government is guilty of adultery to the most revered, most honourable, most holy - most everything - on the planet. Please, please, read Hosea, Doves. The LORD is absolutely furious with Israel - and for very good reason. However, we are instructed to treat Israel with all due respect, as the Chosen Race. We must always bear that in mind. Israel is our ' marker' for end-time prophecy and we, the Church, are grafted onto Israel's roots. Israel is the LORD Almighty's wife. Through thick and thin. The LORD has committed Himself to her and, although she has not proved faithful - HE will never, ever forget or renege on His promises and covenants. God is seeing this through to it's very bitter end. Mercer - your research has made this so much clearer. Knowledge is definitely increasing. Thank you. I no longer question and doubt our LORD'S infinite wisdom. We, the 'sheeples' are complicit by our very silence and fear. So sad. We simply must continue in our prayers for Israel. She is - and will always be - the Almighty God's wife.
God Bless you all
In Jesus' Beloved Name