Fay (14 Jan 2011)
"Suzi re Glenn Beck"

Dear John, Suzi and Doves,
We are singing from the same hymn sheet Suzi. However, I am starting to realise just how much of the point some of the Doves are missing. I believe this may be because we have spotted stuff that they haven't and we come off looking neurotic, unreasonable and just plain obtuse! This will only serve to make some other Doves feel resentful and protective. We MAY feel that we've been clear...........perhaps we have - but it's not connecting with some.
Please let it be clear Doves - Glenn Beck is saying all the right things regarding politics. Goodness - who doesn't want - desire and need a stable, normal, cohesive and honest government and way of life? Glenn Beck is terrific at verbalising those needs. The fantastic thing is that he is acting upon them. It's akin to being thrown a life jacket in these proverbial "rough seas" that we are facing - world wide. Glenn connects with what ALL people want - smaller government, the right to privacy, entrepreneurship, good schooling, an end to terror. You name it - Glenn Beck says it for all of us. Even us folks in UK. He's a hero!!  I would also love to blank out what I've observed in the last few months as it is crushingly disappointing. Devastating, in fact. I can feel the pain in Patty's posts. It's like being given an enormous glass of refreshing lemonade in an increasingly hostile desert - laden with crushed ice - and then have it taken away before you can take a gulp.
The LORD God Almighty gave us His label - I AM. He also said to Moses - I AM THAT I AM. I AM, in Hebrew, is the Holy Name of God. Jesus used it when answering the questions of the Pharisees. That is when they screamed BLASPHEMY - sent our LORD for further flogging and on to his death. The label, I AM is sacred. As part of the new Beck E4 programme, E1 is "Enlightenment". The picture is of the famous finger tips of God touching the finger tips of Man. Pretty clear. It's about soul, faith, spiritual ideals etc. Encouraging us all to believe that "I am that I am", in conjunction with this visual, is blasphemy - plain and simple. This fits in with the Mormon belief of "we can all be gods" and the belief of Universalism. That we humans can obtain "Godhood". Please see the video:
Glenn brushes over this part rather quickly. As he does with the other snippets of Mormon belief in his other episodes. You really have to be alert to spot them. If he left this stuff out - believe me - I'd be thrilled to bits. He slips in things about the Native Americans being a tribe of Israel etc. A special "stone" that the Mormon founder, Joseph, apparently discovered which he used for divination. It's all very convoluted and I wish I had the time to tie it all together for you re video proof etc. It's all there though. Remember, Mormons believe that we all have the potential to be gods of our own planets. Glenn gives lip service to Jesus. Like the Muslims - the Mormons do acknowledge Jesus - just NOT as LORD.
Doves - understand one thing PLEASE. If our LORD Jesus is not acknowledged as He should be, then we have a problem. The Bible foretells this kind of apostasy in the end times. Glenn Beck is not a Christian that puts our LORD Jesus' Name above all Names. He'll bring in religion and say all the right things but he bypasses our LORD and Saviour. In favour of the Mormon faith. This is all very well for us - Bible believers - children of, and the Bride of the LORD Jesus. We're safe. Whew! But what about the ignorant? What about the people whose souls are at risk? Isn't it our duty to make sure that EVERYTHING is present and correct? If others are led to an apostasy that, if allowed to continue, will result in eternal damnation - then, surely, we are culpable? The Bible is explicit about the end times. Even the very ELECT are in danger of being deceived.
If anything - do your research. Don't be babes in the wood. We have been given the ultimate privilege of faith in our LORD and Saviour - Jesus Christ. Don't allow His Name to be denigrated or sidelined. The cohorts of Satan will all come dressed as Lambs. We have to be alert - discerning and Bible literate. We are all rich enough to have computers. Do your research. It's simply not good enough to write other Doves off as "sour grapey" kinds. Give us the benefit of the doubt as fellow Doves. We owe it to others who are in darkness. When the Rapture happens, all opportunity will be gone and the 144,000 have got one heck of a job on their hands. They have ALL my sympathy.
Again - Glenn Beck is one heck of a man regarding the governing of America. The very minute he starts treading on our LORD Jesus territory - he does not match up. The Bible warns us Doves. It warns us.
God Bless you all
In Jesus Beloved Name