Fay (10 Jan 2011)
"Glenn B"

Hi John and Doves,
After reading Mike Curtis' astonishing post (link below), herewith my reply.
A simple Google search will explain and show you exactly how Beck came to his Mormon faith. It certainly was not just so that he "could marry his wife of 20 years".  They made the decision together. Glenn Beck is a Mormon proper and certainly not "just in name only"!!
I could paste dozens of links but have selected just a few. The Mormon's have downgraded the role of the LORD Jesus in a very subtle but lethal way. Acknowledging Him, but not recognising Him as LORD. They believe that we all have the potential of being "gods of our own planets" and that the LORD God Almighty Himself, was once flesh and blood and had to work His way through the system!! All very new age and certainly not scriptural.
As for "seeing an AC around every corner", Ernie  http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/jan2011/ernie18.htm, I don't believe that being alerted to a very high profile TV host, who has the ears and eyes of millions of people around the world - claiming to be a Christian and influencing the way Americans think and feel - as "seeing an AC around every corner". Beck says some wonderful things and I am very aware of how the LORD uses the most unlikely ways, sometimes, of having His word heard. Even donkeys! If Beck stuck to his "back to basics" good, strong and solid advice, it would be great. Bringing his Mormon faith into the equation should ring the alarm bells of every single Bible believing Christian.
I prayed long and hard before writing this reply. I'll admit to being shocked at being likened to Liberal Progressive Nazis and being accused of "eating and destroying my own" What an extraordinary thing for a Christian to say. Vulgar and insulting.
This next link written by an ex Mormon.