Ernie (12 Jan 2011)
"Glenn B"

It is one thing to watch an be aware and another to accuse. AGAIN I have NEVER seen/heard GB push Mormonism on others, and I watch all the time it is a good source of information. If anyone has please try to remember the date it is easy to check it out.
It sounds more like some people have crucified him for being a Mormon rather than the content of what he is saying, where he push's content rather than Mormonism.
As your links show it is all about him being a Mormon. I pray you don't get judged using the same standards.
I can't believe you would use the Huffington Post a far left antichristian blog as some kind of proof he is a wolf in sheep's clothing. I know they have a "religion" page read they are far from a Christian.
As for "eating and destroying my own" being "Vulgar and insulting" I seen the program all I can is is wow.
Is anyone to much of a Christian to use them words as GB did to convey an idea or opinion? If anyone thinks they are then it is them that have far worse issues than being a Mormon.
Five doves is a good place to get and exchange information, ideas/thoughts and a blessing for them that need prayer but even here people need to relax a bit. Some of the posts over the years has been really way out there such as when Anna N. Smith died "it has to be a sign" and the other Dozen or so false prophets and AC's we named in the past. Like I said it is one thing to watch and be aware and another to flat out accuse someone.
Evedance against GB for what he has been accused of is not there it is that simple he has and is being falsly accuse, it all points to he is a Mormon rather than what he says.
We have been over this in the past it is clear some have the same opinion about GB as you do and some don't.
Believe how and what you want to but please when trying to bring forth proof keep it in the context as it was used.
As for me I do think GB is really trying to sound an alarm not "influencing the way Americans think and feel" or push Mormonism, he pleads for people to do the research on their own and not take his word.
I will continue to watch and sift thru what he presents I do not believe he is trying to steer anyone away from their beliefs.