Elliot Hong (5 Jan 2011)
"Re: John B, "Ark"ansas"

Dear John B and Doves:
A big "Amen" to your letter.
I agree with all the points you made.
Your comment "the events going on in "Ark"ansas to me are crystal clear warning from the Lord that the door on
the ark will soon close" reminded me the majestic musical presentation "NOAH" that I watched on TBN last year,
and at the end of the show, Jesus appeared through the door of the ark pleading to come in before it closes.
Sadly, as you wrote, only those "who have eyes to see and ears to hear" will discern what's going on.
The flood of biblical proportions in Australia is another undeniable sign.
Charity saw the vision that the door of Noah's Ark being shut with a loud "BANG," and heard "5,6,7,Jesus!" repeatly.
I believe it's very possible that  the count down could begin today(Jan.5).
It could be the design of G-d that New Era begins from the 8th day of the first month in the New Year.
See you soon,