Elliot Hong (31 Jan 2011)
"Daniel Matson's Theory Still Could Be Correct"

Dear Doves:
There is a saying "The center of the world is Jerusalem, and the center of Jerusalem is the Temple Mount."
It was a breathtaking experience to visit at the most sacred 35 acres in the whole world for filming.
That place was liberated and returned to Jews during the Six Day War.
Israel airbone units recaptured that place and put a national flag on the Dome of Rock.
Most Jews around the world cried, as they listened to the live radio broadcasting of the incidents.
Even most Arabs thought that Jews would destroy the shrine with bulldozers and rebuild the Temple.
But in surprise, the leaders of Israel decided turn over the control of the Temple Mount to the enemy voluntarily.
The sin of disbelief and disobedience that God warned in Joshua 23:11-13 was repeated.
This is why the Chosen people today are in snares and traps, and it became scourges in their sides and thorns in their eyes.
Because of this sin, the liberation of Jerusalem in the year of Jubilee, 1967 was not completed, and will be completed in the
next Jubilee as Yeshua returns at the Mt.Olive.
For this reason, I agree with Daniel Matson's theory.
Then how did 2010 pass without the Departure?
As I mentioned many times, on Nisan 1(March 15), 2010, the Churva synagogue was rededicated in Jerusalem, and the old prophecy
of more than 200 hundred years, Rabbi Vilna received was fulfilled at last, and the redemptive process began from that point.
Also 4.4 earthquake occurred at 4:04AM of Nisan 1(March 16).
To me, these are the undeniable signs of G-d telling us that His time for 2010 is from Aviv 1(Nisan 1) last year to Aviv 1 this year.
According to Nicole's post, White Rose saw the letter of "AVIV" in her recent dream, and it could be a confirmation.
If it's the case, all the Visions, Dreams and Fleeces that 2010 would be the year of the Blessed Hope are still valid.
As I wrote before, the sign of 44 still can be applied until the 45th Super Bowl officially begins, since it's the principle of G-d to allow
the maximum time possible and to wait until the last moment.
Likewise, in my opinion, the Outpouring of fire could come during 2/3-5 just prior of the 45th Super Bowl, then the Departure could
occur on some time just prior of Aviv 1(Nisan 1).
Because 2011 is a Leap Year and there is an extra month Adar II, God of Love and Mercy allows a little more time for Church to be
prepared as the Bride for the last time.
This speculation makes sense because according to the prophecies that Maurice Sklar and Rabbi Kaduri received, there are some
incidents(events) yet to be fulfilled such as the war in the Middle East and the passing of Rev.Billy Graham and Ariel Sharon.
Also this speculation is aligned with the current turmoils in Egypt and other regions, as well as with all the natural disasters world wide.
Of course, there is a possibility that the Departure could occur during 2/3-5.
A question is then when the Tribulation officially will begin.
Well, once the Outpouring comes and we see our Lord face to face, we'll know the exact timeline.
See you soon,