Elliot Hong (27 Jan 2011)
"Interesting Clues and A Confirmation"

Dear Doves:

In the previous letter, a possibility was suggested that the New Moon of the 12th month(2/3-4) could be
the Day for either the Departure or the Outpouring.
And I found a couple of prophetic words that could be a confirmation.
1) The night before Phyllis Ford received the prophetic word for February, she could not sleep.
    Here is what she wrote.
    "The night before I received this word, I could not sleep.  It was like sleep was removed from me.
     I was troubled in my spirit, and I prayed throughout the night.  The Lord spoke to me and said that
     I was to send out the word of the Lord for February now, because at the first of the month, I would
     not have time to send it---I knew also that the people of God needed to see this word as soon as
     possible, so they could pray.  I found out the next morning that many other intercessors/prophets
     could not sleep that same night.  (Many felt as if something was about to happen that needed much
     This strongly suggests that something important is going to happen in the beginning of the next month.
     A sudden destruction and the Lord's coming?
     As I mentioned, "in the top of it's phase" of the prophetic word John Lawler received could mean "in the
     beginning of it's phase."
     And I know a spirit-filled person who saw a vision of the Lord's coming on the night when the moon is
     thin like woman's eyebrow.
2) Here is another prophetic word Mary Ellen Gilliland received on 1/11/11.
    "Go forward now in peace and joy, for the beginning of the end has come.  At the end of a stroy, events
     line up, come into focus and are all tied together.  Then we understand.  So it is with God's story.
     Events will make sense, come into clearer focus and you will understand and go on with singular purpose..
     So it will be, according to My Word, says the Lord.  It's the end of the beginning and the beginning of the
     end.  So be it."
     This strongly suggests that all the amazing signs(events) appeared last year will not be in vain, instead
     they will be all tied together for the clearer understanding of God's story.
     In my opinion, they would be invalid, if it goes over the beginning of February which could be, so to speak,
     the Maginot Line.
For these reasons, it is my belief that the New Era could begin from the New Moon of the 12th month.
See you soon,