Elliot Hong (24 Jan 2011)
"The Upcoming Super Bowl"

Dear Doves:
I remember there were many posts about the 44th Super Bowl last year, and because the sign of 44(Perdition) was so
evident such as the 44th Presidency, some suggested a possibility that it might be disrupted by some sorts of disaster.
But it turned out to be a memorable game as the Saints came out victorious.
Later, I found out the Resurrection(Firstfruits)day was 4/4, and as the Churva synagogue was rededicated in Jerusalem
on March 15(Nisan 1), the prophecy was fulfilled that the redemptive process would begin.
And when the magnitude 4.4 earthquake occurred at 4:04AM of March 16(Nisan 1) in LA county, I strongly felt that it was
the significant sign.
It is my belief that the sign of 44 still can be applied until the 45th Super Bowl(2/6) officially begins, since it is the principle of
G-d to allow the maximum time possible and to wait until the last moment.
Feb.3/4 is the New Moon of the 12th month, Adar, and 153(Harvest) days from the Christchurch earthquake, 55(Bride) days
from 12/12 12:12 the Sun Exploding, and 44 days from the total Lunar Eclipse on the Winter Solstice.
And in my opinion, "in the top of it's phase" of the prophetic word John Lawler received could mean "the beginning of it's phase."

It is a good possibility that there will be a 7 day warning prior of the New Moon, and Jan.27/28 happens to be 21 days from the
Arizona Shooting.
21 means Delay and Exceeding sinfulness of sin.
According to Calvin, on 1/26-28 the moon will be "at the feet" of Virgo as it's written in Revelation 12 and descends into Scorpio
which makes up 44 stars, and will be 12 sidereal moons from the 8.8 Concepcion earthquake.
12 is the number connected to the New Jerusalem, the Kingdom and the Reign of the Lord.
And spiritually, the 8.8 Concepcion quake is connected to the miraculous rescue of 33 Chile miners which got the world wide attention.

 To me, these are the most obvious signs that can convince left behind people to know the truth, and I don't think the Lord will make
these overwhelming evidences void.
See you soon,