Edwina (17 Jan 2011)
"Frank Molver Re Raise the bar..."

Dear Frank, ( and anyone intersted! )
Thanks for your reply, it is a huge subject!! and my favourite....
Yes, it is a mixed bag. I did alot of study about the st.Malachi visions of the popes reigns, do you know what I am talking about?
Well, the 112th Pope is apparently to be the bad one, and so this one Pope Benedict is the last "genuine" one. I think that when the Rapture happens all the true lovers of Christ will go and the Church left behind will be the true Laodecian Church insofar as they will be the ones who will be deceived....or become Tribulation Saints, any priests and clergy left after the Rapture will be either working for the enemy 100% or just back sliden, lazy, corrupted Christians....to be given the chance to redeem themselves.
Thanks for the video link, I listened to it all yesterday. I agree with nearly all of what he had to say, except this one point, which is the reason,  I now feel provoked by the Holy Spirit, to bring into the open.
When I hear evangelicals having a pop at the RC Church I have up til now kept my silence, but since we are at this "critical" time in history, I seem now to be willing to put my head above the parapit and, if necessary, fight for what I know to be Truth. This Barry spoke of the secrets of the Confessional being a way of knowing what going on in peoples lives.. I feel this is totally below the belt. In the past, when Church and State were interwoven in the middle ages perhaps, yes. But, to make a sweeping statement and suggest that the RC Church is currupt in this department is just too much for me to swallow without spitting it out because I "know" that just is not the case.
I have known many nuns and Priests who are devoted to Jesus Christ and are normal well balanced individuals. I have experienced very powerful experiences in the Confessional, and the Holy Spirit like electricty flowing through my body, God heard what I had to say, and I was totally zapped and incapacitated by The Holy Trinity. I have also had wonderful experiences within the Evangelical Church I went to Tampa Florida to the Outpouring in Lakeland. God will not and cannot be hemmed into ONE path of conversion leading to the narrow path to eternity.
There have been incredibly and saintly, Holy Priests, with the Stigmata, like Padre PIO, of Pietra? I cannot remember exactly... anyway he was so gifted at "seeing" into souls that people used to que up for days and weeks to be seen by him, God used him to bring a huge revelation to souls with miracles following.
Alternatively, Benny Hinn has be to the Vatican and there was huge excitement within the camp with Priests filled with the Holy Spirit as he gave a lecture and healings followed.
I will defend where I feel needs defence and since I am here, and now I maybe, stating the obvious, but God will have His way, and narrow minded, preachers should be aware that if they knock Jesus's Bride, The Church, whether it be RC, Protestant, Methodist, Evangelical or whatever, If JESUS really IS the centre of their lives, they should open their minds and souls to the enormity of God's Church.......and not throw  the baby away with the bath water!
God Bless Frank, thanks again and Barry was very good, he has got satan sussed out, which is good. Also thanks for being moved to reply!
In hope to fly higher and higher, to learn and to achieve optimum holiness!!!
Best wishes Edwina.