Edwina (14 Jan 2011)
"Lets' raise the bar!"

Dear Doves,
It is three in the morning and the Holy Spirit wants me to share what is in my heart.
Do we all agree that none of us "know" everything, all of the time?
That some of us know somethings, "some" of the time?
Here, at the Five Doves it seems to me that the Holy Spirit pulls each soul according to our Faith, our Experience of God, our ability to grow, our ability to learn from each other and our ability to take on board each others gifts and talents? That we all gain understanding from each other?
Over the years, reading what you all have to say, some times there have been statements that I agree with, some things that I am certain is "truth" and some things that I am certain is not "truth"..
Some subjects are very sensitive and can provoke strong reactions, and rightly so. Some subjects hold pain and unresolved anger and there is more understanding and learning to be done. There is more perception in matururing of our faith, and of healing of one sort and another?
Are you still with me?
I felt that Jesus said, " They are persecuting My Church ".
What is in my heart is this; there are some here at the doves who have been hurt, wounded, enraged, and deceived by some aspects of the Roman Catholic Church.
If I said to you that Jesus "KNOWS" of satan's scheme to attack from within.
Jesus knows that satanic ritual priests have infiltrated into the Vatican.
Jesus knows about the jesuit priests of the Illuminate who abuse, the Church to prepare for the false prophet.
Jesus knows that the Roman Catholic Church lost it's way in the middle ages.
Jesus knows of the luciferian, black mass, ritual abuse, homosexual nuns and priests.
Jesus knows of the use of ritual rights as a format to honour God, throughout the Church.
Jesus knows the Holy Way of true worship?
Jesus knows the Heart of a man?
Jesus knows Everything about Everything?
After 25 years of " relaionship " with the Lord our God. Father, Son and the Holy Holy Spirit, there is always opportunity for fine tuing, for challenging my perception.
I am writing to challenge any soul who has a bitterness, a grudge, a mis-understanding, a deception, an untruth regarding His Holy Roman Catholic Church.
I can safetly say the following statements and will answer to Jesus at the Bema Seat Judgement on this sunbject;
I believe that Revelations - False Prophet will not be John Paul 2nd.
I believe that Revelations Harlot is not a false Mary, Mother of God.
I believe that Jesus Christ is Given at each Mass for the strength and consolation of a soul and is not a negative thing.
I believe that at the Moment of Consecration, the Host Actually becomes His Flesh, supernaturally changed to feed "us" and give us strength to fight the enemy.
I believe that satan wants to create as much controvesy, as much hurt, as much hatred as possible and he hates the Holiness of the Sacramental Jesus.
I believe in the Actual Presence of Jesus through the Eucharist.
I believe in the Power of Consecration.
I believe in the Holy Roman Catholic Church.
I also believe in the Holy Evangelical Church.
I believe in the Revival Holy Spirit that has swept through especially America and throughout the whole world.
I belive Billy Graham to be the Greatest Evangelical Preacher ever....apart from St. Paul.
I believe that Benny Hinn is an extra Special Preacher and is guided by the Holy Spirit.
I believe GodTV has a mission to save a billion souls.
I believe that God Blesses those who bless Israel, and curse those who curse Israel.
I believe in the Bible from cover to cover.
I pray the Most Holy Spirit will console, convict and heal where is necessary.
I pray that this heart felt pleading breaks any bonds the enemy has bound upon a soul to restrict their personal growth and ultimate reward in Heaven.
In the Powerful and Mighty, Name of Jesus, Amen.
Yours sincerely in Christ,