Edwina (12 Jan 2011)
"My Thoughts on the Prophetic Clock!"

Dear John and Doves,
Well, I must say things do seem to be happening at a mighty speed at the moment and I do agree with alot of fellow doves on alot of issues, may I put my "two-pennith" into the mixture of gut feelings and biblical understanding. ....not that I profess to be better or more informed, it seems that we are all diversly different, and some doves with obvious Biblical Learning and much knowledge to share.....I hasten to add I am NOT one of those!!    I am just a "nobody".
Firstly, I have the perception that the 7 years Tribulation 3 1/2 years then after the Desecration that becomes an Abomination and opens up the Great Tribulation will be in an actual Temple. The Temple Institute has everything set up with pre-fabricated Temple in pieces ready to be assembled with 12 months. There will be a Temple for the anti-Christ to desecrate.
Secondly, I believe that the Tribulation will not begin until we, the Bride is gone. Therefore it has not started as yet. Therefore the Blood moon and Eclipse on the Passover and Tabernacles will be a sign to the Jews in the middle of the Tribulation.....so perhaps the Second Coming will be around 2019.
I heard from Jack Van Impe that a Biblical generation works out at 52 years so therefore 1967 (from Israel taking Jerusalem) is 2019 minus 7 for the trib. means 2012 out line for max for us,  the Bride to be around.......so we could go anytime from now until then....Jack Van Impes Programme for the 5th December he spoke of this.
I found the Wikileakes bloke, something did not click for me......he did not sit right, in my guts. Yesterday I was scanning all of my usual sites for information and found on
 http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/   that Julian Assanges' Lawyer works for Rothchilds? Well, I immediately thought, thats it! Its all back to the Illuminte....part of their grand plan.
I agree that all of these birds and fish is weird, I read that some where were the Madrid Fault is in U.S. is becoming active and that together with the B.P. oil spill; another Illuminate false flag. I reckon, its all connected. I wonder whether the Death of the Gulf Stream will get into mainstream media, since "they" caused it and "they" control the media......the BBC say in their blog that the Gulf Stream was monitered in January 2010.....well thats a great help! since that was not when the damage happened.
But, that doesn't explain the rest of the world, unless there is a mega volcano that connects the whole earth?
I am glad that there have been doves with "Compelling Reasons" why the Rapture could happen....on such and such a day! I have been shaken to be ready NOW and not Tomorrow! Although my gut feelings are that 2011 could well pass and we go sometime in 2012......but who knows?????
WE shall all have alot to talk about and when we finally get to be before Jesus we will be dumb with Love, Awe, Relief, Joy, and have the honour of being in His Company for ever and ever. Amen
Sincerely in Christ, Edwina.
p.s. If any soul does not see "eye-to-eye" with me, thats ok.. Just lets not tear each other to bits.... live and let live, and allow the Holy Spirit challenge your ideas and perceptions.... , it's so much more peaceful....and fruitful. I say THANKYOU to John again for this wonderful oasis of like minded souls who are waiting and watching with palpable antisipation!!!! and for the wonderful brotherly love a fellowship allowed to flourish here, from this special place in his service to God. God Bless you John and be assured of many prayers for your safe keeping.....souls! souls!  there must be conversions all over the place after reading from your site!!!

I hope I haven't been a bore but I feel so passionately about all things spiritual, there is an incease of demons in the Holy land and they can smell the war coming.
I have a feeling that 2012, is the year of our vacation!, on the Jewish Feasts....but all of your recent letters are convincing about October 25.
God Bless you all and we are brothers and sisters in Christ! Amen, we love you Jesus. Amen. 
p.s I have just discovered  www.thestraightway.org  and ordered this mans english translation of the qu'ran, he is a from muslim background but now and evangelical pastor! and he has a lot of very interesting things to say...
Thanks, Edwina! Welcome to the Doves!