Ed (29 Jan 2011)
"To Chris: Nation v Nation"

When I read your short note (posted below) about nation rising against nation, it reminded me of a couple of things.
1.  I heard Jack Van Impe interpret the phrase "nation against nation" as being more literally "ethnic group against ethnic group"  which we have been seeing much of these past few years.
2.  Wars and rumors of war:  Near the beginning of the Iraq war, I felt the Lord describing a more literal meaning to this phrase.  Rumors of war, as in, there's talk there will be a war; or It looks like maybe war with Iran is on the horizon, and other such statements.  These are rumors of wars that don't yet exist.
However, with the Iraq war, there were "rumors of (the) war.  I'm trying to make this make sense.  There is an actual war, but there is also rumor of that war.  Ex:  There are no WMD's.  He just wants to finish what his daddy started.   Rumors as to why there is a war one might say. 
This thought process is different than previous wars.  In previous wars, there were specific up front reasons for going to war as in:"The commies are doing this, so we're going to go stop them"  type of thing.  No rumor, but facts as to why the war is needed.  See what I mean? (I hope).
Anyway, I hope that made sense.  
God continues to bless.
(Origianl post: Over the last few days i have seen the Tunisia and egypt riots and protests, i now realize this is why jesus said that nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom.  He said after wars and rumors of wars. He wasnt talking about nations fighting other nations then, he was talking about nations fighting against themselves. WOW... we are so close, I would only guess that this egypt rioting will spread fast, eventually leading upto the 7 year covenant and rise of antichrist. People we are so close... WOW, the trib really hasnt started yet, thank god, but we are at the doors.  Im continually reading spalms 111-118.
Chris Horan)