Ed (28 Jan 2011)
"Which Dove Is This For?"

Dear Doves:
Yesterday, Jan 26, 2011, I was reading an article posted on 5 doves:
8 Strange Earth Changes That May Threaten Civilization
The article contains this line:
There is no doubt that the north magnetic pole is moving rapidly toward Russia. 
When I read that, my spirit did one of those "revelation" jumps, and I'm sure most of you know what that means.  I got excited, here comes a revelation from GOD!!   Then..nothing.  Well, that's different.  So I stopped and stayed with the line for awhile waiting on further word.  Still nothing. 
I know it has something to do with Ezk 38, Gog Magog, and the country to the north etc.  But I can't finalize it, or better said, God has not finalized this partial revelation.  I tarried a bit longer, then let it go.
Today, again it bothers me.  Something about the country from the north.  Magnetic north vs true north.  And why did the writer specifically say Russia rather than north?  I have no idea.  I mean, I do, but I don't.
Then it "came" to me that perhaps this is for one of the Doves, since I've been reading here much lately.
It "feels" like this is a word for one of you.  Something you've been working on, thinking about, praying about, that when you read this, you'll get the "ah-ha" that you've been waiting for.   Or, its nothing, I don't know, but in an effort of obedience, here it is. 
" There is no doubt that thenorth magnetic pole is moving rapidly toward Russia."