Ed (26 Jan 2011)
"Suzi/Kent Re: Numb to Disaster"

You mentioned how "numb" the masses seem to be given the deaths of the animal kingdom.  Very little news coverage, everyone accepting the silly explanations etc.  (Link below)
I think I first noticed this with the missile plume that was seen off the Califonria coast, was it in November, 2010?  We were told it was just the basic contrail of a jet airliner.  An opitcal illusion, as it were.  Really?  It was undoubtedly a missile.  For those who have forgotten, or never saw the video, goto youtube and search "California Missle."  
The contrail explanation was fully accepted by the news media and the silence of the military let the story hold.
I have had the dis-pleaure of trying to communicate spiritual matters to a variety of people, particularly through facebook.  The arrogance, pride, sarcasm, mockery, and narcicism is beyond amazing; not only in spiritual matters, but likewise in the example here of the California missile.  All I can think is, "except for the grace of God, there go I."