Drew Simmons (24 Jan 2011)
"Still Seeking: Latter Day False Prophet Question"

I didn't hear from anyone regarding my Jeremiah 23 Question last week.  I did some more digging and found more references to these latter day false prophets carrying a message of "peace".  Would appreciate anyone's thoughts on this.  If this truly is the latter days we should be able to identify them today, right?

Jeremiah 23 (entire chapter)
Isaiah 28 (entire chapter)
Ezekiel 13 (entire chapter)
Isaiah 3:2, Isaiah 5:18-19, Amos 5:18, Isaiah 9:14-15, Hosea 4:5, Hosea 9:7-8, Micah 2:11, Isaiah 28:7, Zechariah 10:2, Zechariah 13:2, Lamentations 2:9,14 and 20