Donna Danna (20 Jan 2011)

"The polar shift process itself is of concern not only for its effects on the earth such as volcanoes and earthquakes, but if the behavior is such that the field first reduces to zero before rebuilding itself, the Earth will be exposed without sufficient defense to solar radiation, which would be disastrous. In fact, the present day magnetic field is rapidly weakening according to some scientific experts.  There are several theories about how a reversal would take place, some still maintain protection from the sun while others do not."

"We know that the present magnetic polar shift is occurring rapidly, and we know that this is a result of a changing tumultuous outer core. We might conclude that this cause-and-effect might be contributing to other observed changes on the planet surface such as tectonic plate movement resulting in more earthquakes today. So far during 2010, we have observed a significant increase in earthquakes, particularly in the higher magnitude ranges. Everything we are seeing here lately regarding magnetic polar shift and earthquakes today may all be related and may be reflections of changes that are occurring deep beneath our feet."