Don Flowers (1 Jan 2010)
"Hidden prophecies in the Psalms and 2011"

Each New Years eve I usually read the Psalms corresponding to the upcoming year according to JR Churches theory and book.  Friday evening as I write this something stood out to me that I’ve never noticed before.  Notice the very first phrase in Psalms 111, 112, & 113 “Praise ye the Lord” occurring the same in consecutive chapters.  Then I noticed the phrase “Praise ye the Lord” in Psalms 146, 147, 148, 149 & 150 the end of the Psalms – Same phrase 5 consecutive chapters.  This same phrase meaning Hallelu-Yah.  I also found an article that gives much more in depth analysis on the Psalms thought to cover the tribulation years 111-118 a very good read I thought


I cannot find the same phrases repeating anywhere else in the Psalms as they do here.  I know – some will say that the chapter splits are man’s conception as well as un-inspired and these are hymns meant to read in an uncut, undivided manner.  Still the pattern and location is very interesting.  I also thought I had remembered reading somewhere another theory about the Psalms relating in some way to the months past year 2000 though I can’t reproduce it.  I thought it might prove interesting to see what month number these fall in the 2011-2018 frame.


My thoughts are perhaps the first three phrases in 111,112,113 introduce something prophetically significant in the Psalm/year relation starting Jan 2011 and the 5 phrases in 146-150 .... may be a Psalms/month significance.  I don’t remember whether the beginning of the month count was Jan 2000 or 2001 nevertheless as I figure it, the second set of phrases may land somewhere  around March of 2012 or 2013 the start of chapter 146.

I hope this revives inspiration and hope for those having hedged their bets on a 2010 rapture.  2011 appears to be very significant and certainly doesn’t call for any depressed hearts on Jan 1, 2011!!!!


Happy New Year and God’s richest blessings for all!