Dewey (3 Jan 2011)
"The 2012 Mayan Claendar"

Anybody looking for info on The Mayans can check out the National Geographic Channel on their internet site
and look for the program on " Apocalyspe Island " and watch it you have the time.  You will want to see the segment in the 2nd half of the showing titled " The Smoke Serpent."  I watched this and laughed like a hyena !!  I
have seen this 3 times, telling others to watch it  with " right now its on "  phone calls.
This gets a little IFFY, as in will John post this or not,  as in this segment of the program, the methods used to get in touch with the ancients in the stars or whoever they were contacting " out there "  shows that the priest or whoever he was would STAB imself in the head or tip of his male organ and then wrap it in paper and then burn the bloody paper in a fire creating a " Smoke Serpent. "  I am not pulling your chain, messing with you, or making
this up !
Is ANYONE on earth going to put ANY stock into this calendar when they learn this method of contacting the higher power or whoever they were listening to out there ?  I certainly will not take any part of this mumbo jumbo
sort of insight or revelations they claim to have received to make their calendar.  Nothing.
Next, folks on the 5 Doves, I urge you to consider carefully that 2011 is going to be a Heavy Duty year, all over
the earth, and from where I stand, we will be here all year and next year also.  Please prepare for unusual times
and events. Consider where you live, what are the risks associated with natural disasters nearby, shortages etc
that follow such events, and your ability to get up quickly and move along if the Lord says to you in the nite, get
up and go away quickly.  He does give us such notice.  Be prepared to ride out 1 to 2 weeks without any food
stores open etc.  Bro Perry Stone advocates this, and I perceive the same, have for some months now.
 Personaly I do not see the current Prez, O  as I call him, to be the AC ( not taking issue with those who do )  and I urge folks to pray Psalm 2 over this administration and look for positive change in it, as in out the
door.  The AC will likely come out of No Where in a gradual sly and sneaky manner, after the Lord has promoted
The Church into His presence, some time afterwards.  Please do not feel or perceive anger with your positions on
this, just consider is all I am asking.
Bless You Doves
Thanks John