Dewey (29 Jan 2011)
"Re Raul D, Horsemen riding ?"

Hi Raul D, don't know if you're the same Raul of RFTH, but I can see that you don't see the Seals opened yet, nor
are the Horsemen Riding across the 1/4th part of the earth yet.  Good smarts Bro.  Can you contact me by email ?
If you don't want to, ok.  Lots of folks see these things occuring
already, but its more like continuing unfolding of " These are the begining of sorrows."  When these Seals are opened, it will not be as we see now, but more like the opening rounds of WWII only heavier as it rolls across the
bounds of the old Roman empire and draws in the 1/4 part of the earth.  North Africa, lower Eastern Europe, Asia
Minor, and The Middle East Regions Greece and Rome held, as well all of the turf the Nations making up the
metal statue Nebuchanezzar saw.