Dewey (29 Jan 2011)
"Re It Can't Happen Here"

For Dawn Domminic :  You told of events that occurred in Germany years back before & during  WW II.  But something was missing.  Have you ever heard or read of the Holy Spirit Revival Outpouring that took place in Azusa Street, Los Angeles ?
I would expect that you have, and it also occurred in England, Finland, Sweden, AND BEGAN to occur in Germany.  Began, started to manifest in some German
churches, UNTIL the leaders of the German church organizations held a council
and decreed ( words to this effect )  " WE WILL NOT HAVE THIS HERE."  At this
same council a rather ordinary believer brother stood up and prophesied :  " If you
don't receive what I do in MY NAME, afterwards one will come in his OWN NAME,
him YOU WILL RECEIVE."  We all know that ADOLHF HITLER came in his own
name, and was received by the German peoples !!  The Halocaust is part of what
they received, amongst total destruction of The Reich and Der Fatherland.
Pat Robertson has told of this several times over the years on his 700 Club TV
Program, which is where I heard it told twice some past.
I am not posting this as a correction, or a rebuke, please, but as additional insight
as to HOW it happened. I remember that someone once wrote : Righteous exalts a
nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.  Rejecting revival always brings great