Dewey (28 Jan 2011)
"Re Dewey TRIP 2 Israel"

Hi Fay, yes I took photos on the june 2002 trip, if I could just dig them out somewhere.  What happened on the
trip ?  A few interesting things, we went to Masada, up the tram to the top, its HOT down by the Dead Sea, and
up on top of Masada, like close to 130 F.  If any of you doubt it, visit it in june someday.  Visited several sites in
Jerusalem, Garden Tomb, Golgotha right next door, The Church of The Holy Sephulcure ( its a dud, not the real
tomb site, The Garden site is !  ) spent some time in a kinda sorta private section of the Garden of Gethsamane,
sit on a restaurant patio 3 stories up overlooking the Ha Kotel, The Wailing Wall, paid the Temple Tax, etc.
At one point we spent some time overlooking the Temple Mount and prophesied against the Blue Mosque as to
future events to come.  Went up on Mt Scopus at night overlooking the Temple Mount and the eastern part of
the city at night.  And visited the Temple Institute Office for displaying utensils for the priest to use when the time
comes, as well saw the huge solid gold candlestick in a very thick glass case in The Cardo, what's left of The Cardo that is.  And underground shopping complex, ancient shopping complex that is.
You gotta go there someday,