Dewey (26 Jan 2011)
"For Bro Pablo"

Bro Pablo, I commend you on an excellent presentation of your findings.  I'll give you a pass on what scatilogical
could mean ( scat=the droppings from animals, bear scat, deer scat etc. you get the picture ) its obvious you
meant eschatology.  Moving along, while I don't agree with the whole of your presentation, I'll only deal with one
item.  If you were inferring that O, current Prez of the USA will be the AC, well, simply put, No, he won't be.  As I
have shared before the real AC wouldn't even let O take his camel or horse to water.  If you think so, as many on
Five Doves also think, its OK with me to disagree with me.  I am in no hurry to see this come to pass, and don't
plan on being here when its revealed.  There will be MANY pretenders to Christ's throne, and to the AC's plan.
He, the AC, has to wage heavy war to get to the top of the pole. And to keep it.  Abundant war will occur in the
regions around the Mediterrean Sea,  and all of the horsemen combined only get control over the fourth part of
the earth, not all the way around it.  See the language used to describe Nebuchanezzar's kingdom in Daniel, only
over the control of the Mid East, in particular WHO is over the control of ISRAEL.  All of the metal likeness kingdoms in Nebby's dream of the statue, had one thing in common, at one time or another they were in control
or excercised political control over the land YHWH promised to Abraham and his seed.  ISRAEL.  None of these
kingdoms ever got control over all of the known ancient world, much less all of the globe as it is now.
God Bless You Bro Pablo