Dewey (25 Jan 2011)
"Re Coach Mo go thru trib"

For Coach Mo, I am going to assume you are a man, not a woman, if not, I don't
know any better, moving on, Bro Mo, here it is simply put, in a nutshell.
For those who insist on going thru half or all of the trib, IT TAKES FAITH IN THE
RAPTURE to participate in it.  Those  who excercise faith in NO RAPTURE, you
are correct, you won't be raptured. According to YOUR FAITH, so be it unto you.
You are determined no rapture, you get what you put your faith into.
I saw the event in a little heart vision in early '83 and look for it to occur WHEN the
last one the Father is waiting for, comes into the Church.  Before the trib.
Simple enough Bro Mo ??