Dawn Dominick (28 Jan 2011)
"It Can't Happen Here"

Dear Doves,

Here is a thought-provoking piece written by L.A. Marzulli with a link to a very powerful Powerpoint slide show regarding the holocaust.  "It can't happen here" was what so many said then and are saying now.  Dark days are coming my friends, let us all keep watching and stay in prayer.....until we meet on that Bright Day.....




Posted by lamarzulli on January 27, 2011
Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli

It has been 66 years since the Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated. Auschwitz was a death camp, a factory where over 1.1 million people were gassed or worked to death. If you or I could somehow go back to 1944, a year before the camp was liberated, we would have reeled at what we would see. The mind can barely grasp the horror of that place.

It bears the signature, in my opinion, of the fallen cherub, the prince of the power of the air, the destroyer of mens souls, Satan. I believe that the Holocaust was a deliberate, luciferic, ritualistic, blood sacrifice, that opened the gates of hell. It was another attempt to destroy the chosen people, and the blood of the innocent cry out even now.
When Israeli president, Benjamin Netanyahu stood before the United Nations general assembly last year, he held up the blue prints of the Auschwitz death-camp and told how his wife had lost most of her family there.

The beginning of the Holocaust happened over a period of a decade. First came the laws that forbade the Jews to hold public office. Next came the propaganda that pictured the Jews as vermin and a plague to the German people. Then came The Night Of Broken Glass, where synagogues and Jewish shops were looted and the broken glass littered the streets. Those of Jewish descent were then forced to wear a yellow star on their sleeve to identify them as Jews. They were forbidden to marry gentiles and finally, when the demented master minds of the third Reich created the Final Solution, the Jews were rounded up and stuffed like sardines in rail-way, box-cars that made the long journey to the death camps.

Women, children, and the aged were gassed immediately upon arrival. They were told they were going to the showers to get cleaned up. I. G. Farben made the gas, Zyclon B, that was used to kill the people who were packed together in the shower area. However, there would be no water from those shower heads, and as the gas was dropped from trap doors in the roof above it finally began to dawn on the victims what was happening. Then came the terrified screams and the wailing of children and the frantic cries of their mothers followed by a deathly silence….

Germany produced, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart. It was a cultural center where the Renaissance flourished, and the protestant reformation began there. Yet, after the defeat in WWI, the people of Germany embraced fascism, and as Hitler took more control of the private sector, personal liberties vanished, and the state became the arbitrator of what was good for the German people.

Not all Germans were Nazi’s and there were good German people who hid Jews in their homes, risking their own lives to do so. When Hitler took the reigns of power no one would ever have imagined the horrors of the death camps. The final solution took the lives of 6 million, Jewish, men, women and children. It reveals what men and women are capable of when the state dictates who has value and who does not. When it legislates those who are deemed worthy and others who are considered vermin.

It can’t happen here though… can it?

The link below will take to you a powerful Power Point presentation. It is a vivid reminder what words fail to express…


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