Dave (31 Jan 2011)
"The "Twitter Revolution" Is Fueling The Middle East Arab Revolution!"

Dear John and Doves:

Today, as I watched the Egypt crisis unfolding in front of my eyes on  “Meet The Press”,  I was shocked to see a real time TV monitor surging with individual “Tweets”, from those wild jack a** children of Ishmael. Egypt shut down the internet, but couldn’t stop those tweets from cell phones on the ground in Cairo and Alexandria Egypt!

I decided to sign up myself, so I could see those real time Tweets of what was really going on for myself;  because a lot of times the media is twisted. It was simply amazing to say the least! Anyway, before I knew it, I was Tweeting as well, and uploading a bunch of end time things I wanted to share with others.  My username is: WatchinTheBeast  . If any of you fellow Doves are already on Twitter, I would like to invite you to add me to your followers list. If you are not a member, then just go on the search bar and type in: WatchinTheBeast, or click on the link below.  My motto is if you can’t “lic em join em”! Things are really moving fast now, and Twitter I believe can help us watchmen get real time information of fast breaking events in the Middle East. God Bless each one of you that takes the time to read my stuff! (and the ones that don’t also)

In His Service,