Daniel Matson (6 Jan 2011)
"Research nuggets in process..."


While continuing to examine the timelines, some nuggets have popped up that are very interesting. Though the conclusions for 2010 were in error, it does not invalidate the significance of 1948 and 1967 or other such dates that have been observed. Those items that come up in research will be posted here until the overall conclusion can be made.


The Fish Number – 153

First of all, I do not believe the following indicates the Rapture day in any way, but it is fascinating.

It was discovered previously here that it was 153 days from the 7.0 Baja Easter Earthquake until the 7.0 Christchurch Earthquake on September 3/4, 2010. 153 is the number of fish found in the net according to John 21:11.

The number 153 is the phi (or golden proportion) ratio of 247, which is the phi ratio of 400. 400 x 0.618 = 247. 247 x 0.618 = 153.

400 = 247 + 153.

So we can find these numbers to coincide here:

247 days before the Baja Quake is Av 10, 2009 (July 31). Av 9-10 is the anniversary time of the Temple destructions.

247 days after the Christchurch Quake is Iyar 5, 2011 (May 9) and Israel’s 63rd Anniversary on the Hebrew Calendar.

Whether or not there is any additional events remains to be seen. The calendar coincidences with these earthquakes seems to at least show that these Quakes were significant as a sign that God is in control and can place events proportional spaced to anniversary days concerning Israel’s destruction and reestablishment.

Av 10, 2009 ==> 247 days ==> Baja Quake ==> 153 days ==> Christchurch Quake ==> 247 days ==> Iyar 5, 2011 (Israel’s 63rd)

Av 10, 2009 ==> 400 days ==> Christchurch Quake

Baja Quake ==> 400 days ==> Iyar 5, 2011 (Israel’s 63rd)



May 14th and September 11th

It may have been noticed before, but September 11th is 120 days after May 14th. This is within the year.

But what about May 14, 1948 to September 11, 2001?

The inclusive day count is 19479 days.

So basically it was 1948, if multiplied by 10. For every ten days between May 14, 1948 and September 11, 2001, it equaled one year from Christ’s birth to May 14, 1948. A little fanciful? Maybe not when one considers 120 and the story of the Flood.

This nugget was found searching for other uses of 120, which have been found, but need work in presentation...