Daniel (29 Jan 2011)

Hello doves, my Mom & I just finished talking to my Dad about the end times....Before I get to the story... Lately I've been praying for boldness and for opportunities to preach about the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. You see, all my life I've been shy and this conversation I just had made me so nervous that I was shaking like as if I was in cold freezing temperatures and my face turned red like a tomato. What bothers me is that after I try to witness to someone, I just feel guilty 'cause I would think to myself "I should've said more, I should've said this, I should've said that. I was too shy not too say this, not to say that..."
Can anyone please help me with my shyness? Please!

On to the conversation...my Mom & I  were preaching to Dad about the end times signs such as New World currency, the two suns, FEMA camps, how Jesus Christ is coming back very soon and we all have to be ready at all times.
He basically believes Bible prophecy BUT... the BIG PROBLEM with him here is that he does NOT believe the time is near, he does not believe Jesus will come back in our generation, he does not believe all Bible prophecy will be fulfilled in this generation. He says that the only time he'll believe we're in the end-times is if a MAJOR catastrophic event that has never or rarely occurred in world history happens in the world.
Can any of you doves here on this site please give me any BIG end times signs that'll make even my dad jump in shock and in belief that we're in the end times...?! Please!!
Please pray for my dad's salvation, for God to open his eyes and to realize and to believe that we are all living in the last days. Please pray that I may gain the boldness of the Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ and to overcome the shyness I'm struggling with...

Here's my email if any of you wanna talk to me or need prayer:


Thank you for your time and god bless you all...!