Daniel (13 Jan 2011)
"Dream about Obama"

In this dream my mom and me were sitting on our living room couch (there's 2) and on the other couch was where Barack Obama was sitting. But there was something about him that seemed very evil and mysterious and deceitful. He didn't have the same color like you see on TV, he had an ugly dark greenish skin color. The dream got even more astonishing when I found out that all three of us were watching Barack Obama make a speech live on TV. The dream then gets even more revealing, everything that the Obama who sat on the couch did, the Obama we would see on the TV did. For instance, when the Obama who sat on the couch raised his hand, the Obama on the TV did the exact same thing- whatever the couch Obama would do, the TV Obama would do. The obama on the couch looked like a puppet just with no strings attatched to him but God told me that he is on the "puppets" that belong to the beast himself. The dream then ended and I heard God tell me, "Obama is not the Antichrist, but he is a follower of the beast himself and he will be used greatly by him to fulfill his role in the end-times."

I believe God revealed to me his dream to show the true dark evil side of Obama.
All we ever see is the Obama that is shown on TV but God gave me an exclusive behind the scenes look on what Obama is really all about. When he's not shown on TV, the Obama that sat on the couch is revealed since "that" Obama is the real Obama, not the hero actor Obama tries to portray himself as.
Basically there are two Obama's:
Obama on TV = the fake Obama
Obama on couch = the Obama hidden to the public eye. The true Obama

Anyone had dreams or visions related to this?
I would like to hear what you all have to say about this dream so please reply! =)
Thank you and God bless you all!